MLB The Show 21: How to complete the Nation of Baseball Conquest challenge

It’s Conquest time once again!

Image via San Diego Studios

Now that MLB The Show 21 is out, it’s now time to take a deep look at the available conquests in this year’s edition. One of the first conquests in this year’s game is the Nation of Baseball conquest, a single-player challenge that involves all 30 MLB teams and one that should take some time to complete.

So, how can you complete the Nation of Baseball conquest? Let’s go over the map, plus the goals that will need to be completed.

To start off, let’s take a look at the map for the Nation of Baseball conquest:

Screenshot from Gamepur

You will need to start off in the middle in the map, and from there, teams will attempt to fortify their parts of the map with fans, while you will be tasked to bolster your own areas, while at the same time, attempt to take over rival teams’ regions.

Make sure to send reinforcements to areas where opposing teams are closing in, and also keep any eye on open territories that can be acquired easily.

Because all 30 teams are in this particular map, it’s going to take a bit of effort in order to complete this conquest. Take one team on a time, and go from there.

Now, there are 16 particular goals for this challenge. Here are all the goals for this event:

  • Goal 1 – Acquire 25M Fans
  • Goal 2 – Steal 3M Fans
  • Goal 3 – Steal 7M Fans
  • Goal 4 – Steal 15M Fans
  • Goal 5 – Acquire 100M Fans
  • Goal 6 – Conquer 100 Territories
  • Goal 7 – Capture all AL East Team Strongholds
  • Goal 8 – Capture all AL Central Team Strongholds
  • Goal 9 – Capture all AL West Team Strongholds
  • Goal 10 – Capture all NL East Team Strongholds
  • Goal 11 – Capture all NL Central Team Strongholds
  • Goal 12 – Capture all NL West Team Strongholds
  • Goal 13 – Acquire 250M Fans
  • Goal 14 – Conquer 250 Territories
  • Goal 15 – Capture all Team Strongholds on the map

The reward for completing the Nation of Baseball conquest is an 89 OVR Diamond card of Albert Pujols, along with 2,000 Stubs and 4,000 XP. You will need to take over all the territories on the map in order to complete this conquest. Along the way, players can obtain six division-themed prospect packs (all repeatable), one for complete Goals 7-12, a 79 OVR Walter Johnson, and an 82 OVR Bryce Harper.