MLB The Show 22: Which players are the league collection rewards in Diamond Dynasty?

Here we go again.

Image via Sony San Diego YouTube

MLB The Show 22 has arrived, and a new year means new cards and new collections. For those new to MLB The Show, collections feature Live Series and Flashback/Legends cards. Over the past few releases, San Diego Studios has given players special cards for those who can acquire all Live Series items for a given team. And, if you complete all collections for each league, even better awards can be obtained.

Last year, Alfonso Soriano, David Ortiz, and Chipper Jones were the three league rewards in MLB The Show 21. Who are the collection rewards for MLB The Show 22? Now that the Diamond Dynasty Featured Premiere is past us, we have the answers.

For the American League, the league collection reward is a 99 OVR MVP Awards item of “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas. Thomas, a member of the 500 MLB Home Run club, has been used greatly in MLB The Show in recent years. Now, this card can be obtained by acquiring all Live Series cards, getting the three division collection rewards (96 OVR Michael Young, 96 OVR Mike Mussina, 93 OVR Grady Sizemore) and completing every team collection for all 15 AL teams.

Image via San Diego Studios

On the National League side, Roberto Clemente is the main prize. Players will need to complete all NL team collections and obtain the three division rewards: 97 OVR Chase Utley, 96 OVR Kenley Jansen, and 92 OVR Prince Fielder. Then, players will be able to get the Milestone Clemente.

Image via San Diego Studios

If you get both the Clemente and Thomas, insert those two cards into the MLB collection to get the big prize for The Show 22, a 99 OVR Signature Series card of iconic left-handed pitcher Randy Johnson.

Image via San Diego Studios

Remember, players will need to complete all 30 teams’ collections in order to get Johnson. Live Series collections will change throughout the year, thanks to trades and callups. However, once a team has been completed, you won’t need to finish it again should new cards be added to the team.