Mondstadt and its Archon guide – Genshin Impact

TIme to climb.

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Mondstadt and It’s Archon is a world quest in Genshin Impact. You will be able to do it after you have saved Mondstadt from the angry dragon that has been causing such panic among the population.

To do the quest, head for the catherdral and speak with Sister Grace after you have completed the Carmen Dei Chapter: Act 1, which is Venti’s story quest. It is a pretty simple quest, that just involved some climbing.

First, speak with Sister Grace, who will asked for some Dandelion Seeds. If you don’t have any, head for the main gate of Mondstadt, and use an Anemo ability on the Dandelions that grow outside the city.

Return to Grave with the seeds, and she will ask you to climb the statue of the Anemo Archon and release the seeds from its hands. This is pretty easy to do, head for the massive statue in the square outside the catherdral and climb up the back of it. It is far more awkward to get to the top if you climb the front. You should have enough Stamina to make the climb at this point in the game.

Climb onto the hands and then release the Dandelion Seeds. When that is done, return to Sister Grace who will express her thanks for your help and give you a reward.

You will get 100 Adventure XP, 16000 Mora, 5 Hero’s Wit, and 5 Dandelion Seeds for finishing this world quest.