How To Feed Monkeys In Disney Dreamlight Valley [Monkey Favorite Food]

Make a companion out of the monkey, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s most bouncy critter yet.

Monkey Critters DDV

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Disney Dreamlight Valley adds a bunch of new companions with its full release and paid expansion, but few are as charismatic and bouncy as the monkey.

Though you can get a jester monkey as a reward for purchasing the A Rift in Time expansion delivered to your mail, nothing beats the real thing. Like every other DDV critter, the monkey can be approached, fed, and caught in the wild. It’s not as hard as catching a crocodile, I’ll give you that, but the monkey is pretty unapproachable and a picky eater. In this guide, I’ll help you find, approach, and feed a monkey in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can turn it into your companion in no time.

Where to Find Monkeys in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Monkey Food DDV
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Monkeys were added to Disney Dreamlight Valley with the A Rift in Time expansion. That means the only place you’ll find wild monkeys to catch is in Eternity Isle, the brand new biome that is only accessible through the Stardust Port. I’ve found a lot of them in Ancient Landing, which is right on the shores of Eternity Isle.

How to Catch Monkeys in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To approach a monkey in DDV, play a game of tag by chasing them around 4-5 times. Eventually, they’ll give up — or decide you’re worthy of their time — and let you approach them.

This is the same approach rabbits and foxes had, but I noticed the chasing was more intense this time around. In any case, as long as you don’t lose their trail, you’ll be fine.

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Once you approach them, you have only one chance to catch their attention. Feed them the wrong food item, and they’ll stick their tongue out in disgust before running away from you.

What Are Monkey’s Favorite Food in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Catch Monkey DDV
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Monkeys only like three-star meals and above. No, they don’t like bananas, so feel free to throw them all away.

Naturally, feeding a monkey bananas was my first thought as well. Imagine my surprise when the little rascal showed me their tongue, rolled their eyes as if I was the lamest pet owner out there, and walked away.

The quickest way to get a three-star recipe is by making a Berry Salad, which only requires 1x Blueberry, 1x Gooseberry, and 1x Raspberry. It’s likely you already have a bunch of these ingredients stored in your backpack.