Monster Hunt Gig guide – Cyberpunk 2077

Capturing Jotaro.

If you’re looking to take out nasty gangsters off the streets of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, Jotaro Shobo is a good choice. They’re you’re the main target in the Monster Hunt gig, and you can find them at the Ho-Oh club, a bar near Allen St. You won’t be able to walk straight at their location at the club, but you can sneak in undetected if you’re careful.

Ho-Oh bar location

The exact location of the Ho-Oh bar is next to Allen St. You can find it in on the southeast portion of Watson, to the east of your starting apartment.

How to get inside

You have a few options you can pick when attempting to enter the Ho-Oh bar. The first one is the front entrance, which you can choose if you follow your Monster Hunt gig’s tracker. It’ll lead you straight to the front door, and if you go through, you can enter the bar, but the tracker leads you to an angry guard protecting a private area. Alternatively, to the left of the entrance, there’s a window you can force open. You can force it open using a hack of four ram or use your brute strength if you have a body of seven. We were able to hack our way into this area.

If you can’t find the window entrance, use your scanner to find the Industrial Shutter, and use your preferred method. There might be a guard standing in front of it, but they’ll eventually move away if you’re patient.

Once inside the bar, proceed through this hallway, and the guard standing outside the window will enter the room on the other side of the hallway. You can choose to take them out or kill them silently. We went with the silent route to remain stealthy.

On the right side of this room is a door, but there’s a window in this room on the right side of a guard from the bar. They’ll be alerted to seeing you here, so make sure you’re crouched, and you can sneak by to the other side and open the door.

When you enter the door, you’ll be inside the VIP entrance. You still want to remain crouched because the guard who previously prevented you from entering this area inside the bar stands on the right side of the room, protecting the door. You might alert them if you make too much noise. Continue to the left, and go up the stairs.

There will be a left and right path for you to take at the top of the stairs. More players will likely take the right path because you cannot take a left one unless you have seven technical ability points. We only had five at the time, so we had to take a right.

When you reach this area, there will be plenty of guards and security cameras in the central room. If you’re crouched, you can move across the room, but both the guards and the security camera will have a red eye above them. So long as this eye does not fill, you can crouch along the other side of the hallway.

When you reach the other end, take a left, and there should be an enemy sitting down on the far side of the hallway. If you’ve remained quiet, you can sneak up behind them and choose to take them out using lethal or nonlethal takedown. After you take them out using stealth, you can then bring them to the closet on the right side of the room and hide the body.

This room does lead to a bathroom, and you can open up the door and use it to get behind the guard watching the central room. However, during our playthrough, a body was found on the floor had been alerted, but this may not happen to you.

There is a billboard on the left side of this room you can use to distract the enemy, even if they’re alerted to you or not. You’ll need to hack it with at least four ram. If they’re distracted, they’ll be drawn to that corner of the room, and you can silently take them down.

You can still follow your navigation marker, and you should be on the third floor by now. Instead of going to the right, go to the left, and there will be a room with two guards inside of it. There’s a billboard on the far side of the room that you can hack and repeat the process of distracting them and then silently taking them out. In the room to the right is Jotaro, and you can choose to kill him or take him out using nonlethal force. If you choose to knock him out and take him out using nonlethal means, you’ll need to take Jotaro’s body out of the area, so you can leave the way you came.