Raider Ride explained in Monster Hunter World Iceborne


Palicoes unlock some fantastic features in Monster Hunter World. From assisting you in battle, to temporarily befriending wild monsters. In Monster Hunter World Iceborne, the Tailraiders can now be your mighty steed.

Tailraiders were always kind of a charming side event. Sometimes a Jagras would be so taken with your prowess that it would bow to your superiority while you were in its territory and let your Palico ride it and help you in battle. This was more for your Palico than you as the hunter, but it was still a cute event that gave you some allies, however temporary they were. In Iceborne, you can ride these Tailraiders.

According to the official Monster Hunter World Iceborne website, a Raider Ride is a small monster Tailraider that you can ride. You can ping a location on the map, d it will take you there automatically. If you don’t ping one, it will find and follow tracks for you. Note that you cannot control the monster directly, but you can gather items, use your slinger, open your map, and a few other actions.

The website Attack of the Fanboy notes that the monsters become fatigued as you ride them, nd there are times they may not be summoned. They also have a quick guide about unlocking Raider Ride. The Raider Ride is a reward for befriending Boaboa in the Hoarfrost Reach.

All you have to do is hunt a monster in the Hoarfrost Reach, attend their council meeting in Boaboa’s lair, and complete the quest called “By Our Powers Combined.”

Once you do all three, you’ll receive the Raider Ride Call which will be permanently in your item bar.

Raider Ride is a fantastic way to expand the game. It makes hunting and tracking easier without losing quality. Remember to find new Tailraiders whenever you can.