Monster Hunter: World – Where to Find Aqua Sac


So far we’ve covered where to find Electro Sac, Flame Sac, and Poison Sac, so it stands to reason that we now talk about where to find some Aqua Sac in Monster Hunter: World. While similar to the other ones, this one will require you to take on one of our least favorite monsters in the game.

Where to Find Aqua Sac

The four different types of Sacs are based on different elements and can be obtained from different monsters. All are reachable quite early on in the game. For example, the Poison Sac is obtained from Pukei-Pukei, the Electro Sac from Tobi-Kadachi, and the Flame Sac from Anjanath. This guide, however, focuses on the Aqua Sac, which requires hunters to have at least reached the Wildspire Waste area of the game in order to defeat a Jyuratodus.

The Jyuratodus is found early on in the Wildspire Waste area and can usually be located in the watery and swampy area of the region. This is also where most of your fight will take place, so I hope you brought your gum boots. The fight itself can get a little bit challenging, as Jyuratodus will spit mud at you to stun you and also do its best alligator impression by thrashing around in the shallow water. Fire weapons will do the most damage against this naturally water-resistant monster.

We suggest you find an Investigation in Astera in order to have the best chance of getting the rewards you want. You should receive some Aqua Sac as rewards for defeating Jyuratodus, and of course you can repeat this as many times as you need.

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