How to get Skeleton Keys in Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt

Mortal Kombat 11

In Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt mode, players have the chance to traverse through a massive open world, discovering treasure such as in-game items and learning about the Mortal Kombat universe.

To traverse throughout the area, however, and find everything, players need to have a lot of Skeleton Keys at their disposal to open the many locked doors the Krypt offers— so how exactly do you find these rare and important items?

Well, sadly, there is only one way to get Skeleton Keys, and it involves opening chests. There isn’t even a particular chest that a key will always appear in as all of the chests have random items within them.

Unlike Souls and Hearts that can be rewarded, Skeleton Keys can only be found in this mode, which means you have to keep grinding and praying that sometime, someway, a key will magically appear for you in the next chest you open to help you advance in the mode.

You can increase the chances of getting Krypt Key items though through the use of the many consumables you can find throughout the world. These include “Ash of the Red Dragon” which summons a meteor that could contain important items and “Kia’s Spiked Club” which increases rewards from smashing jars and objects with the Hammer in the Krypt.

Unfortunately, though, there is just no other guaranteed way to get the Keys other than to keep playing the game and unlocking a bunch of chests until you just get lucky.