My Time At Portia – How To Use The Relic Detector


In My Time At Portia, you will spend a lot of time digging around in the Abandoned Ruins when you first start playing. This is also the first time you will get to use the Relic Detector, and it can be slightly confusing at first. You don’t need to put on the Relic Detector; it does this automatically when you enter the Abandoned Ruins.

How To Use The Relic Detector

To use the Relic Detector, hit F when you are in the Abandoned Ruins. A large circular reticle will appear on your screen. Now, walk around the mines paying very close attention to the ground beneath your feet. When you are close to a relic, you will see a small yellow dot. Center the reticle on the dot, and it will fill with a yellow bar. When the bar completes, the Relic location is saved, and you can see it even when you have the Relic Detector turned off. This is useful, as you cannot actually use your pickaxe when wearing the Relic Detector.

Relic Detector

At this stage, you can only highlight one Relic at a time, so don’t worry if you can see more of them, you can hunt them down when you are done with the first one. Now, press F again to turn off the Relic Detector and you can dig your way to the Relic with your pickaxe! If you want to see a video of how this all works, I have made up a quick demonstration video for you below.

How To Upgrade The Relic Detector

The Relic Detector can be upgraded twice later in the game. Once you have completed the Desert Bridge, you can upgrade it at the Abandoned Ruins Elevator. This upgrade will show you the shape of relics, and allow you to tag up to three of them at once.

The Relic Detector can be upgraded a second time for 5000 gold. This version will show you the names of the Relics, and allow you to tag up to five of them at a time. You will need this version to find Ack data chips later in the game!

That should cover everything you need to know about the Relic Detector, best of luck in your search for Relics.