NBA 2K20: How To Scan Your Face


Do you want to see yourself in the middle of the court in NBA 2K20 as one of the players? You can do so with the companion application where you can scan your face and have it ported over to the game. Here’s the best method to do it, and to ensure you capture the best scan of your face to send over to the game.

How to Scan Your Face for NBA 2K20

The initial step is to download the appropriate application. You’re going want to want to look up the MyNBA2K20 application, and you can get it for an iOS or an Android smartphone. The download takes a little bit of time to complete. When it finishes, you want to sign in with the account you’re playing the game on, which could be the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or the PC. This setup is how you’re going to sync the application to your game, connecting the two so you can seamlessly send the photos over.

When you’ve connected your account, you’re going to see the option to “Face Scan.” If this is your first time in the application, you’re going to have to go through tutorial things of how to play the application, which you breeze through. You don’t need to worry about it too much.

After that, and you click the “Face Scan,” option, the application is going to walk you through several steps of taking pictures of your face. You’re going to adjust your face to the left and the right indicated by several on-screen prompts. We recommend you stand outside, rather than doing it indoors.

When you finish up the shots, you’re going to have the opportunity to review them. You can retake any of the photographs you take if you want to make adjustments. Make sure they depict your face as much as possible, given the restraints of your smartphone. Confirm the photographs and upload them.

The next step is going to the MyCareer section, where you’re going to process these images. It’s going to take some time, and if it takes an extremely long time where the uploading process shows 100 percent with nothing happening, restart it. Several others have noted this was happening to them, and by resetting the application, the face scan gets uploaded immediately after.

When it does the upload, you’re going to see your newly scanned face as the first option in the MyPlayer Head Selection screen. You modify your scan face from here, changing any facial hair, skin tone, and additional modifications to fit your appearance in the game better.