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NBA 2K23: Do you need contracts for MyTeam?

Need to plan to re-sign a player?

NBA 2K23 will see a number of new features, and the same can be applied for MyTeam. MyTeam will look a little bit different for 2K23, and that includes how players handle their cards. That’s because an item that has been needed in the past for the card-collecting mode is not coming back in NBA 2K23: player contracts.

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Do you need contracts for MyTeam in NBA 2K23?

In the past, players have needed to rely heavily on contracts for MyTeam. Each NBA player card in MyTeam, whether it was a Ruby or a Galaxy Opal, had a contract length for a number of games. Once the length of that particular contract had been fulfilled, the card could not be used until a new contract was applied to that card. And, past NBA 2K games featured different contract tiers, with rarer tiers yielding higher contract lengths.

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That is a thing of the past, as NBA 2K23 will see the elimination of player Contracts for MyTeam. This was confirmed via a tweet from the NBA 2K social media team on August 24.

NBA 2K23 will be going live this September for the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This year’s title will feature Devin Booker on the cover of the standard edition, with two separate editions featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi, as well as the player who made #23 famous in the NBA: Michael Jordan.

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