Nier Replicant Preload and unlock times – PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Are you ready for adventure?

Nier Replicant, the remake of Nier which is a prequel to the smash-hit Nier Automata, will be release on April 21, so players are wondering when they can preload the game.

Those who are hungry to jump into another of Yoko Taro’s strange adventures will find everything they need to know about the Nier Replicant unlock and preload times in this article.

Preload Times

As seems to be the case for all games now, there is no unified schedule for preloading the game, and it is all platform dependant.

  • Xbox One – Can be preloaded now.
  • PS4 – Preload will go live on April 21.
  • PC – There is no known preload window for PC.

Needless to say, players will need to pre-order Nier Replicant to be able to preload it, and this can be done via the shop on your preferred platform if you play on console, or Steam on PC.

The game will be roughly 25 GB in size, so keep that in mind when preloading, or deciding to skip the preload. Both the PSN and Xbox services can be a little slow when it comes to downloading games, so preloading is advised on both platforms.

Unlock Times

The unlock times for Nier Replicant are far more regimented, and the game will unlock at midnight on April 23, local time. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to play the game at midnight.