Nier Replicant – what should you tell the Lighthouse Lady?

To tell the truth, or not.

From time to time, Nier Replicant will present players with a moral choice that they need to make. It will often boil down to a simple decision, is the truth better than a comforting lie?

This will happen a number of times over the course of the game, and one such time will be in Seafront of the Lighthouse Lady. Players will meet the Lighthouse Lady when they first arrive in Seafront and will need to go to the post office and get a letter for her.

Bringing the letter to the Lighthouse Lady will net players 1000 Gold, so it is certainly worth doing. Players who head back to the tavern in Nier’s Village and speak with Devola will get another quest called The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath.

Go to the post office in Seafront and you will find the Lighthouse Lady in a heated argument with the postman about leaving Seafront. She will return to the Lighthouse, and you can speak with the postman. He will ask you to ensure that the old lady stays.

If you go and speak with the Lighthouse Lady at the Lighthouse, you will find that she too is suffering from the Black Scrawl, and wanted to leave town to meet her true love one final time. Returning to the postman will allow players to learn the truth, the postman has been writing letters to the old woman pretending to be her lost love all this time.

Players will need to decide if they wish to tell the old lady the truth or keep the lie going. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what you do, as it does not impact the story. If you tell the lady the truth, she will say that she knew all along, but appreciated the fact that the people in the town cared about her enough to lie to save her happiness. If you maintain the lie, the Lighthouse Lady will just be happy, seemingly awaiting the return of her lost love.