No Man’s Sky Basic, Movement, Inventory, Upgrades, Ship Tips & Tricks

No Man's Sky

With such a big game like No Man’s Sky, you’re probably missing something in terms of controls and comprehension about what’s in it. The latest Hello Games title has a lot of features, each of them really useful, and you might probably be missing them because of the many things you could potentially do (and likely be doing) in it. So here we are, showing you a few of those things that could look obvious but, believe us, once you power up your No Man’s Sky will not.

No Man's Sky

Let’s take a look a some basic tips.

  • Flashlight: in order to turn on your flashlight, you’ll just need to hit “up” on the d-pad
  • Melee: It’s R1
  • Waypointing: scan with L2 and a structure will get a white mark; in order to remove it, press L3.

Now, the movement system.

If you want a hugely boosted jump, press the melee button (R1) while sprinting. You can somehow activate a jetpack climb: hold down the jetpack button while walking forward if you want to climb vertically a steep hill or cliff.

Go into a cave or use a grenade launcher to create a hole so you can get in and avoid hazard conditions (or alternatively recharge your protection). Underwater, hold X to climb faster without using any jetpack fuel. Activate the jetpack in order to swim faster. While hovering a fair distance above the water, release jetpack and look down. After dropping back into the water, look towards the direction you want to go and you will continue to swim at the same speed as your jetpack.

Inventory and equipment upgrades.

Inventory stacking: each slot on your suit can hold a maximum of 250 of any resource; your ship, instead, 500. Upgrades, which are additive, in a few cases will require you to place them next to the item you want to boost or to a previous upgrade (clustered upgrades will give you a bonus). In those cases the UI will tell you what to do.

Hitting triangle you’ll switch weapons in your ship or switch weapons on your multi-tool. Hitting square will reload weapons in your multi-tool. L1 activates the grenade launcher when installed and reload it. If you’re using the mining laser, hitting triangle will allow you for a quick cooldown, if you have a boltcaster installed.

The Ship

If you don’t want your view to be affected by external cockpit models on ship, choose the bubble-style or other models like it.

You can keep using your ship when you are in a landing post even if you don’t have any fuel left.

Pirates will look for you in case you have a precious cargo. The more precious it is, the more chances will be you get attacked.

Thanks to REDDIT user MrPancakesMcgee and others for all the above information