Noita Ambrosia potion – Where to find, how to use, status effects

Learn everything about this special potion.

Noita Ambrosia potion - Where to find, how to use, status effects

Image via Steam

The Ambrosia potion in Noita is one of the most sought-after consumables in the game. Thanks to its positive effects, it can help you massively in Nolla Games’ procedurally-generated roguelike title. Due to its helpful effects, though, Ambrosia can be hard to locate, and it can actually hinder you if you are not careful.

If you want the lowdown on Noita’s Ambrosia concoction, including how to use it once you have acquired it, we are here to help.

Noita Ambrosia potion locations

Unfortunately, due to Noita’s procedural maps, there isn’t a definitive place that you can find Ambrosia. It isn’t a rare potion, but it doesn’t have a specific place, such as chests or hideouts, that you can find it in.

The best biomes to look for Ambrosia are the mines of jungle and snow environments. Noita is an orange-colored liquid found in flasks on pedestals underground, so heading into these mines are your best bet. If you are struggling to locate these areas, you can use a seed changer mod to increase your chances of finding one.

You can also strike lucky and be given an Ambrosia potion at the start of a new normal difficulty mode game. Which potion you are given is random, though, so don’t bank on receiving one.

How to use the Ambrosia potion in Noita

There are two ways to use the Ambrosia potion once you have acquired one. You can spray it using a left-click on your mouse or right-click to throw it.

Spraying slowly reduces the amount of potion in the flask, and it usually takes 15 seconds for a flask to completely empty. To select a target to spray, hold your mouse cursor over a moving target and left-click.

You can throw the potion by holding the cursor over a target and right-click. Alternatively, you can hold the cursor over yourself and right-click on your mouse to consume the potion. This uses up 10% of the potion every time you drink it. Drinking a potion is dependent on how full your stomach is too, and ingesting too much can cause adverse effects.

Noita Ambrosia potion status effects

Ambrosia is keenly sought-after due to its invincibility properties. If you stain yourself with it, by spraying yourself or drinking it, you will take no health damage. However, its effects slowly wear off as you move, so it’s best employed when you are stationary. It also doesn’t protect you from damage that doesn’t deplete your health meter, such as paralysis-based attacks.

Ingesting too much Ambrosia can cause food poisoning. This can cause your character to throw up, especially if you drink too much of it. This doesn’t reduce your health bar, but it does impact your satiation levels by 10% after each incident. Use it sparingly, and you should be fine.