Obelisk Upgrades in Destiny 2

Obelisk Upgrades in Destiny 2

Obelisks in Destiny 2 serve as conduits for the Sundial, which Osiris controls. These Obelisks provide Guardians with rewards when they complete the Sundial, but they can also earn useful rewards by completing the bounties attached to them. To receive better rewards and weapons from these new devices, you need to go out of your way to upgrade them. To do this, you need Polarized Fractaline to raise the resonance levels.

Different Upgrades. The upgrades better attune the Obelisk to the Sundial, and when you complete tasks for it, you’re able to retrieve useful things from it. For example, if you upgrade the Mars Obelisk’s Crucible Fractaline Extractor, you’ll receive additional Polarized Fractaline when you complete Crucible matches moving forward. If you plan on play those for a good chunk of time, it’s worth visiting that Obelisk to see how you can best benefit from it. You’ll want to check out all of the available Obelisks to find the correct upgrades best suited for you.

Powerful Timelost Bounties. Timelost bounties are a way for you to obtain useful weapons for completing these bounties. They do cost a small amount of Polarized Fractaline, so you’ll need to make sure you have some before grabbing them. The higher of Resonance level you have your Obelisk, the more Timelost bounties you can grab from that Obelisk.

Armor and Weapon Mods. Beyond new weapons you can acquire from the Obelisk, you can give your armor and weapons additional modifications by increasing an Obelisk’s Resonance level. These modifications vary for each Obelisk, so make sure to inspect them and venture out the best options available for your playstyle.

Grinding Polarized Fractaline. To power all of these upgrades, you need to grab Polarized Fractaline and feed it into the Obelisk. You have a handful of options available to you to grind it out:

  • Season of Dawn Battle Pass
  • Completing Crucible and Gambit Missions
  • Nightfalls
  • Completing Adventures
  • Running the Sundial
  • Weekly Obelisk Bounties

There are a variety of ways to grind and earn this useful currency. The biggest way is to complete tasks and run through activities in Destiny 2. Make sure to double-check the upgrades you’re receiving from your chosen Obelisk because when you need to reset it to the Sundial, you start from scratch.