Pokémon Sword and Shield Online Server Maintenance Support


The Pokémon Sword and Shield launch have had great success. Plenty of players are jumping into the game and enjoying their experience in the Galar region. Unfortunately, the online service sometimes has a bit of a few hiccups now and again, and some experience the “The Online Servers are Undergoing for Maintenance,” in-game message, or something to that extent.

This issue can happen for several reasons, the largest being the Nintendo Servers go down to handle some back end things and modify the experience for every player. Unfortunately, Nintendo does not go into detail about these outages and sometimes may not provide the full details.

However, it has a dedicated webpage made out to provide Pokémon Sword and Shield players with helpful information. If you go to this support page, there’s a current status of the servers, and you can reference if there are any notable locations experiences problems or if everything is fine.

There are two critical sections of this webpage. The first is the Online Service Status section. You can learn if the servers are down or experiencing any issues when you go to the page. If you were attempting to access the game at a previous date and were having an issue, you can click the View Previous Information to see if the problem was on your side or Nintendo’s. It provides a date and time of the reported outage, but it doesn’t give too many other details.

The second portion, Maintenance Information, is helpful for future dates. Nintendo will post when it plans to wrap up maintenance. You won’t get a schedule a month in advance, but you can check this area to see updates scheduled to release in the next week or so. Below that, you can see click on View Completed Maintenance to learn about previous maintenance pieces and their completion time. Checking this gives you a good idea of how long the online service for Sword and Shield is going to be down, based on past maintenance experiences.

Nintendo and the game’s developers, Game Freak, don’t seem to provide too many intricate details on these pages, unfortunately. If you’re experiencing issues with the Pokémon Sword or Shield’s online service, these are excellent locations to reference to learn what could be going on when you want to play. The online service is going to be a little rocky following any of the game’s maintenance, though, so expect some hiccups on the same day of maintenance.