Outriders Demo crashing – potential causes and fixes

Teething problems.

When is the start time and end date for the Outriders demo?

Image via Square Enix

The Outriders demo is available to play right now, but some players are running into issues with crashing at different times. In this article, we will run through some potential solutions to common crashes that players may encounter.

First, make sure you have done all the traditional checks when crashing is a problem. Verify the game installation, make sure your GPU drivers are up to date, and and restart the PC. After that, check below to see if there is a solution or information on the crash you are experiencing.

Inventory Crash

Some players are crashing when they open inventory. This a known issue for the developers, and is something they are working on. At the moment, it seems to be common on the 60 families of Nvidia GPUs such as the 960, 1060, etc. The developers advise limiting FPS to between 30 and 60 to see if it resolves the problem.

Crashing on startup

Strangely enough, the game crashing on startup seems to be tied to failed attempts to connect to the game servers. Check your internet connect, restart your router, and then try again.

Steam Overlay Crash

Some players are reporting issues with the Steam overlay. This can be disabled by going into the Steam client, going to the library and finding Outriders, and then right-clicking and selecting properties. Uncheck the “Enable Stea Overlay while in-game” option.

If you are still experiencing crashing issues, it is advisable to report them to Square Enix via the Support Page, and to include both Msinfo and Dxdiag files.


  • Open the Start Menu then type the following in the search box: msinfo32
  • Press the Enter-key on your keyboard
  • Once the System Information tool has loaded fully, click on File > Save – name the file msinfo and make sure the type is .nfo
  • Save the file onto your desktop – this might take several minutes


  • Click Start > Type the following in the search box: dxdiag  
  • Press the Enter-key on your keyboard
  • If you are asked to check if the ‘drivers are digitally signed’, click Yes
  • Click the ‘Save All Information’ button and save the file to your desktop.