Outriders Legendary item drop rate and farming explained

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With the latest patch for Outriders, developer People Can Fly has substantially increased the probability that players will find Legendary items while grinding both the campaign and the endgame Expeditions mode. Beyond literally doubling the Legendary item drop rates, People Can Fly has also introduced new systems to ensure Outriders players find a better variety of Legendary items.

Legendary drop rates

Legendary items in Outriders can be found in both the regular campaign and in the Expeditions mode, though they are much easier to farm in the latter. While grinding Campaign missions, Outriders players can get Legendary drops as long as their World Tier is set to 4 or higher; naturally, Legendary and regular drop rates are better on higher World Tiers. Since the drop rate update, all Legendary items can potentially drop from any defeated enemy, regardless of their level.

Expeditions reward a lot of extra items based on how quickly you complete them. While loot dropped from enemies follows the regular drop rate rules, end of mission rewards will not include any Legendary items unless the Expedition is Challenge Tier 6 or higher. In both Campaign and Expeditions, Legendary drop rates have been increased by 100% in the latest patch.

Outriders Golem's Limb Legendary
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Item variety and copies

There are two systems in play that further affect Legendary drop rates in Outriders, both positively increasing your odds of getting the items you need. The first is the Legendary Anti-Duplication system, which automatically re-rolls the stats of any newfound Legendary if you happen to already have the same one in your inventory. This reroll could potentially end up changing nothing, so it’s possible to still end up with a copy of the same Legendary item, though this is much less likely now than it was when Outriders launched.

The second system is the Luck system, which has been in the game since launch. The Legendary drop rate update boosts its effectiveness, increasing your odds of getting a Legendary drop the longer you go without getting one. In effect, Legendary items should drop at a much more consistent rate now, especially when playing higher Challenge Tier Expeditions.

Finally, if you are looking to optimize the rate at which you farm Legendary items in Outriders, don’t hesitate to search for community guides. Thanks to the tenacity and dedication of the Outriders playerbase over the past months, there is a wealth of guides available online that will help you find and exploit the best farming loops in the game. It is perhaps a side-effect of the game’s until-now punishingly low Legendary drop rates, that the community has created so many high qualify guides to help each other farm new gear.