Payday 3: How to Prepare The Refrigerated Truck in 99 Boxes

You’ll need to set up the refrigerated truck in Payday 3’s 99 Boxes mission before you get leave with your loot.

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Not every piece of loot is going to be the same in Payday 3. When working through the 99 Boxes mission, the gear you want to lift from the warehouse needs to remain cool. If it becomes room temperature, it’s essentially worthless, giving you nothing of value. You’ll need to track down a refrigerated truck to get everything out of there.

The refrigerated truck is inside the warehouse, and you’ll have to prepare it so you can use it to get all of your loot out of there, safely. Here’s what you need to know about how to prepare the refrigerated truck in Payday 3’s 99 Boxes.

Where To Find Refrigerated Truck in 99 Boxes

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You’ll be able to track down the Refrigerated Truck inside of the warehouse. You can enter the warehouse from the west or east side. This may vary depending on how your Payday 3 team wants to approach it. During my playthrough, I made it through the west side, avoiding the security guards and cameras, and slipping into the warehouse. I had to lockpick a handful of doors to reach this area, which can be difficult because civilians working at the warehouse will notify a guard if they catch you.

When you get inside, look for the open truck in one of the containers. You should be able to see the door containing the truck’s back, which you can unlock and reach. You’ll now be able to enter this area with your Payday 3 team to prepare the loot, but the next step requires you to track down the liquid nitrogen, to keep your loot cooled.

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Where To Find Liquid Nitrogen in 99 Boxes

The Liquid Nitrogen won’t be out in the open. Instead, your Payday 3 team will need to open up the wooden boxes hidden throughout the warehouse. You want to be careful about opening them because they will alert any guards, security cameras, or warehouse workers who are walking around the area. If they see you, they’re going to alert the guards or escort you back to the public area, if you’re lucky.

After you have the liquid nitrogen, make sure to bring it back to the truck and add it to the side. You’ll now be able to bring your loot to the back of the truck and get ready for the rest of the 99 Boxes mission in Payday 3.

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