Phasmophobia: Console Release Dates For PS5 and Xbox [Explained]

Phasmophobia is a paranormal multiplayer hiton PC, and fans can’t wait for the Phasmophobia console release to roll around.

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Phasmophobia is an intense paranormal investigation title set in first person. Players get to immerse themselves in fictional spots where paranormal activity is at its peak, and more people want to get in on it with the Phasmophobia console release.

In Phasmophobia, players get to live the nightmares they see in horror movies alone or with friends. As the tension ramps up, they must Uncover the truth behind disturbing events and figure out which entity is haunting a creepy location and how to stop it. The game has been wildly successful on PC, but it’s the Phasmophobia console release that many fans expect it to use as a springboard on PS5 and Xbox to become one of the world’s biggest multiplayer games.

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When Will Phasmophobia be Released for PS5?

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Phasmophobia has no release date for PS5 at the time of writing, but it’s believed it might launch for the console at some point in 2024. Initially, the game’s PS5 version was slated for August 2023, then October 2023, and now it’s been delayed for the foreseeable future until certain obstacles can be overcome.

Developer Kinetic Games published a new roadmap on January 3, 2024, explaining how the PS5 version would be released when it’s ready. While this doesn’t confirm a 2024 release window, it doesn’t mean the PS5 version will miss that window either.

The possible issue with the PS5 version is that the developer wants to release the game simultaneously for PS5 and PSVR 2. Given that the game supports VR on Steam already, it would make sense for the experience to be mirrored on Sony’s VR device. This could cause the PS5 version to be released separately from the Xbox version when the two were originally planned to be released alongside one another.

When Will Phasmophobia be Released for Xbox Series X/S?

Phasmophobia currently has no release date for Xbox consoles, but it seems likely it will be released in 2024. The game’s Xbox versions were revealed during the Xbox Showcase Extended 2023, with an initial release window of August 2023. However, that release window slipped to October 2023, and now the deal has put an indefinite delay on the project due to unforeseen issues.

As with the PS5 version, Kinetic Games has stated in its 2024 roadmap that the Xbox version of Phasmophobia will be released when it’s ready. This means it may or may not hit a 2024 release date. However, if we had to put money on it, we’d say the Xbox version will be released before the PS5 version because it doesn’t also require VR compatibility at launch.

It’s impossible to say when in 2024 Phasmophobia will come to Xbox consoles, if it does at all. However, developer Kinetic Games has remained true to the project and seems committed to making it happen so a new group of players can join in the spooky fun. In the meantime, the PC version is being continuously updated with new events and major improvements that the fan base seems to love, so it’s well worth jumping in for all those horror fans who have the chance.

Why Was the Phasmophobia Console Release Delayed?

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The Phasmophobia console release was delayed multiple times due to a fire, adjusting to remote working, and the complexity of bringing the game to PSVR 2. Kinetic Games outlined all this in a news post for the game via Steam on October 17, 2023.

A fire is a pretty devastating setback for any developer because of all the lost progress on development builds or backups. Shifting to a remote working model also has its challenges, with team members working in different shifts and all the potential connectivity issues that can put a hold on development for days at a time.

However, we believe the most prominent cause of the Phasmophobia console release delay is development for PSVR 2. While some unforeseen challenges have been cited for all console versions, but PSVR 2 required a full rework of the Maple Lodge Campsite map. It’s possible every map will need to be reworked to accommodate the device and its users.

Ultimately, the combination of all these challenges is given as the reason that Phasmophobia’s console release has been delayed into 2024. Then, in early 2024, Kinetic Games released the new roadmap we’ve mentioned already in this article. It states that console versions will be released when they’re ready, which might or might not be 2024.

The good news now is that Phasmophobia will be released on consoles at any point during development. Kinetic Games won’t be waiting until the game is out of early access. While this might not be a popular decision with fans, it’s one that the developer has made because it wants to meet those eager to play its game on console.

Should Phasmaphobia Have a Console Release While in Early Access?

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Some fans argue that Kinetic Games shouldn’t push forward with the Phasmophobia console release while the game is in early access on Steam. A post on the Phasmophobia Subreddit that garnered a lot of attention lists several major and minor bugs that they’d like to see fixed before the game is released for PS5 and Xbox.

We agree that Phasmophobia should not be released for consoles until most of these bugs have been fixed. But we’d expect Kinetic Games to fix them alongside the console version so that all versions have the same smooth experience for players to enjoy.

Another point this post brings up is how introducing console players to Phasmophobia will cause a tirade of complaints about bugs that the PC fan base is already well aware of and works around. It could slow down updates that Kinetic Games wants to release because it will be busy dealing with already known bugs that don’t have a fix right now.

Even though this is a great point, it’s hard to argue with Kinetic Games that Phasmophobia is ready for a console release. The developer has already delayed the console versions twice and demonstrated that it knows its limits. The one thing it hasn’t done is cancel the console release, indicating that it believes it can still be done even though the game is in early access.