Planet Zoo – Zookeepers Not Refilling Food Bug And Potential Fixes


Planet Zoo is out, and everyone is building their dream zoo. Red Pandas and cute little Tapirs about, but there is a common bug in the game that is affecting quite a few players. The issue centers around zookeepers not refilling food. In this guide, we will run through some potential fixes.

Planet Zoo – Zookeepers Not Refilling Food Bug And Potential Fixes

Move All Food And Water Bowls

Some players have stated that moving the food and water bowls in their habitat has fixed the issue, and zookeepers have returned to keeping everything filled, and then animals well-fed.

Make Sure There Is A Zookeeper Assigned

Make sure there is a zookeeper assigned to the habitat! If you have too many habitats in an area, build a cabin for the zookeepers near them so that they have less travel time.

Remove Feed Enrichment Toys

Some players have noticed that removing feeder enrichment toys from their habitat causes the zookeeper to go back to filling the regular food troughs. This might be a bug in how the zookeeper AI handles priority and refilling orders.

If Nothing Works, Send The Animals To The Change Center

Removing your animals from the habitat, and keeping them in the change center, means they will be automatically fed, and won’t die on you. It’s not a great solution, but it will stop your expensive animals from dying and ruining your chance of a thriving zoo.

Unfortunately, any of the above are just quick fixes, and we will all have to wait until Frontier Developments patch the problem in an update.