Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – How to Find All the Diamond Gnomes


It’s been a while since we’ve been able to play a competitive Plants vs. Zombies game. But rejoice, fans — Battle for Neighborville is here! And while it’s loaded with all sorts of shoot-em-up goodness between the two sides, it also has a fair share of secrets to find.

We previously shared how you can solve the Secret Gnome puzzle in Giddy Park. But now it’s time to break down where to find the three coveted Diamond Gnomes in the game, which will lead to great rewards. These are quite the collectibles and hard to come by. Fortunately, we’ve got the location details so you can track them down with ease!

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – How to Find All the Diamond Gnomes

Diamond Gnome

Diamond Gnome #1

For this Gnome, you’ll need to hear to Pressure Pier. What you’ll want to do is look for the abandoned ship that has managed to wash up on the beach. Once you go past that, look for a cliff. It’ll have a cave tunnel entrance on the left-hand side. Use the cliff rocks to reach a cave entrance that’s just inside. Now you’re where you need to be to acquire the first Diamond Gnome.

But here’s the thing — it’s on a structure with water surrounding it, making it hard to get to. What you’ll need to do is utilize the different ramps and platforms to reach it.

Look for some pillars and platforms on the left-hand side. Some may be underwater, but don’t worry — you can stand on them.

Follow this route, and you’ll eventually get to the center. Pull the lever that’s there, and Diamond Gnome #1 is all yours!

Diamond Gnome

Diamond Gnome #2

For this Gnome, make your way to Up-Down-Uptown. Before you go after it, however, make sure you’re armed with the Mindblower, as you’ll need it to clear out a few zombies.

Make your way to the Museum and look for some stairs on the left-hand side. You’ll head down and find a tunnel. Once you go in, take out the Zombie Guard with the Mindblower and prepare for a boss fight.

The Unyielding Gnight is waiting for you here, along with his troops. But you can’t damage him directly. There are some blue circles you can stand on to hit him. To activate these, you need to take out a Gnome Guard. Do this with the Mindblower, and it’ll light up. Run over and get your damage done.

The only thing is — there’s a timer. So you’ll have to work quickly. Avoid the attacks and focus on the Gnome Guards, then immediately make your way to the blue circle to dish out your damage. This is one section you don’t want to dilly-dally.

If you don’t defeat him, you’ll need to spend 50 of your Tacos to try again — a hefty price to pay, but worth it. Once you finish him off, Diamond Gnome #2 is ready and waiting!

Diamond Gnome

Diamond Gnome #3

Make your way to Town Center’s spawn point. Head to the right and go past the houses. You’ll come across a cliff on the right-hand side, with the entrance to a nearby tunnel. Once you take out the zombie guard, head inside. (Don’t forget to have your Mindblower available!)

Now you’ll see a puzzle with four different shapes you have to put in place. These are shifted around using four buttons in front of you. The four shapes are the Flamingo, the Gears, the Hourglass, and The Face of the Gnome.

It can take a bit of work with the four buttons but follow this order for each one, and you should be good to go:

Flamingo: the First button twice, the second button once, the third button twice, the fourth button twice


The first button three times, the second button twice, the third button once, the fourth button once


This one requires working with eight buttons. First button three times, second button twice, the third button twice, fourth button three times, fifth button three times, sixth button three times, seventh button once, the eighth button once


Again, eight buttons. First button three times, second button twice, third button two times, fourth button two times, fifth button three times, the sixth button once, the seventh button once, eighth button once.

That’s it! Once you set up these shapes, the Diamond Gnome #3 is yours for the taking!

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.