Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville — How To Find the Golden Invoices


With its release, fans of Plants vs. Zombies are discovering a bountiful amount of goodies hidden within the world of Battle for Neighborville. These include a few Diamond Gnomes, as well as some hidden areas that offer some huge payoffs.

Also, there are invoices. Six golden invoices hidden in all, mind you. They’re a great way to reward you with even more coins and bonus items to equip your teams with. But, as expected, it’ll take a little bit of work to track these down and dig them up.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with the location of all six of these invoices. But keep in mind that before you find them, you’ll need to track down a telescope so you can pinpoint their location and dig them up. Follow the directions below, however, and you should have no problem doing so!

The First Three Invoices

First, check out the map below. With the red markers, you’ll be able to find the telescope reasonably straightforward and then the invoices right after. But more specific instructions are also included.

Plants Map

Invoice #1

The first one will come right at the end of a twisting road leaping into Up-Down-Uptown. When you get there, find a pier near a waterfall. On it, you’ll see the telescope. Look through it, and you should be able to spot the invoice. Then go around and find the dirt pile that was marked, get to digging, and you’re on your way.

Invoice #2

The next one is in the midst of the town closest to Sundrop Hills, as marked on the lower-left corner of the map. You’ll find a house with a wooden platform. Make your way up top, and you’ll find the telescope. Look through it, find the dirt pile, head over and get to digging!

Invoice #3

Now, you’ll need to go into the heart of Up-Down-Uptown, on the western side of the suburban area. Find the race track and look for the red and green train carts. The red one will have the telescope on top of it, Peer through it, spot your dirt pile and get the invoice!

The Final Three Invoices

Invoice #4

The fourth invoice is in the northern part of Up-Down-Uptown. Find the revolving yellow taco sign (it’s easy to spot) and locate the building standing next to it. Go to its roof, and you’ll find a telescope, which links you to the following location of the invoice!

Invoice #5

Now you’ll go to the upper eastern part of the city. Find both the white lighthouse and the hut and shacks nearby, and you’ll know you’re on the right trail. Check out a platform that’s sitting by the beach, and you should spot the telescope on it. Look through it, and you’ll have the location of the fifth invoice, ready to dig up!

Invoice #6

Last but not least, the sixth invoice is on the far eastern edge of the city. Look for a cave area near the old ruins, and you should be able to see the telescope right by an entrance that overlooks the nearby pool. Check it out, and you’ll know where the final invoice is at.

Collect all six and earn some sweet rewards in the process. It pays to be a prospector.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.