Pokemon GO: Assistive Touch Trick to Catch Pokemon

Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Niantic’s Augmented Reality game Pokemon GO is now breaking all the records. In Pokemon GO you need to explore the new area to find new and Rare Pokemons and once you find them you need to catch them with the PokeBalls. Most of the time you’ll miss the perfect throw and let the Pokemon Run Away(rare chances). This Pokemon GO Trick Guide will show you how to cheat the PokeBall throw with Assistive Touch.

Assistive Touch Trick to Catch Pokemon

How to Catch Pokemon With Assistive Touch

As you progress in the Pokemon GO and level Up, catching Pokemons will become a little harder. Pokemon can run away if you didn’t catch them on time or in the limited try. So you don’t want to miss this opportunity and Make one but perfect throw. Assistive Touch can be found default in iPhone while Android player has to Download the App. Here is how the Assistive Touch can help you Catch a perfect throw, with missing a single PokeBall.

Assistive Touch is a floating panel on the screen which has a customizable feature and set certain finger-strokes to the press of a Single Button. Using this feature as an advantage you can program two swipes(Short and Long distance). Both the Swipe should be:

  • From the bottom of the screen to a medium for Ground Pokemon
  • From the bottom of the screen to a Higher point for Flying Pokemon

Note: The PokeBall might miss if the Pokemon goes into Dodging animation screen.

Save both the strokes for different types of Pokemon. Now Open the Pokemon GO and while capturing a Pokemon, open the Assistive Touch and situation. These Swipe will get you a ‘nice’ or ‘great’ shot, screen with extra XP. Check our other Guide on Pokemon GO Wiki Page to know more about cheats, hacks, tips, and tricks.