Pokemon Go Fashion Week November 2023: Shiny Debuts, All Costumed Pokemon, and More

Trainers get ready for an influx of adorable costumed Pokemon during Pokemon GO Fashion Week this November, including a few debuts

Fashion Week Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

Pokemon GO loves an excuse to put Pokemon in cute costumes, and with Halloween in the rearview mirror, fans may miss seeing their favorites play dress up. Thankfully, Fashion Week is coming in Pokemon GO and bringing some costumed Pokemon and other bonuses.

Fashion Week is a recurring event in Pokemon GO, where certain featured Pokemon spawn wear their fashionable best. There will also be some new avatar items and even the debut of a Shiny Pokemon to look forward to in this month’s event, making it a great time to collect some unique creatures and items in the game.

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When Is Pokemon GO Fashion Week in November 2023?

Fashion Week in Pokemon GO will run from Wednesday, November 15 at 10 AM local time to Sunday, November 19 at 8 PM local time.

During this time, costumed Pokemon will appear, and other bonuses will be in effect.

Pokemon Debuts Fashion Week
Image via Niantic

We’ll see three new costumed Pokemon in this month’s Fashion Week event. Dragonite will don its bow-tie best, joined by Wooper and Quagsire in a slouchy beanie.

In addition to these costume debuts, Pokemon Trainers will also be able to catch a Shiny version of Gothita in the game for the first time.

These new Pokemon will be joined by some returning favorites appearing in the wild during the duration of the event as well. Returning featured Pokemon include:

  • Pikachu in its summer flair costume
  • Diglett in a tophat
  • Groagunk with a backward ballcap
  • Frillish
  • Furfrou
  • Mareanie
  • Absol in a costume

With the exception of Mareanie, all of these Pokemon can show up as Shiny versions.

Raid Pokemon During Pokemon GO Fashion Week November 2023

In addition to costumed Pokemon showing off their style in the wild, raids will also feature some fashionable Pokemon. Here are the Fashion Week 2023 raids, which all have a chance of featuring Shiny Pokemon:

  • One Star Raids featuring Diglett in a tophat, Wooper in a slouchy beanie, and Sneasel throwing shade with a little hat and sunglasses combo. Furfrou will also feature in one-star raids, but it considers itself stylish enough without any extras.
  • Three Star Raids will feature Butterfree with a bow on its head, Dragonite in its new costume, plus costumed renditions of both Kirlia and Absol

Hatching eggs will also come with a fashion twist during this event. 5KM eggs during Fashion Week in November 2023 will feature:

  • Pichu in its summer flair costume
  • Wooper in a slouchy beanie
  • Smoochum with a little bow in its hair
  • Shinx wearing a stylish tophat
  • Gothita, with an increased chance to be Shiny

Field Research Task Encounters During Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2023

Themed research events will be available during Fashion Week as well, featuring several tasks that will result in Pokemon encounters with featured fashionistas, including:

  • Butterfree with a bow
  • Diglett with a tophat
  • Wooper with a slouchy beanie
  • Kirlia in its bowtie and top hat costume
  • Shinx in a top hat
  • Blitzle wearing a cute little collar costume

All of these Field Research encounters have a chance of being Shiny.

New Avatar Items During Pokemon GO Fashion Week in November 2023

Avatar Style Pokemon Go
Image via Niantic

What would be the fun of Fashion Week if we can’t join our Pokemon in dressing up a bit? Several new avatar items will drop in the in-game shop, including:

  • Gothitelle-themed attire, such as a top, pants, and shoes
  • Reuniclus top and boots
  • A hooded denim jacket, complete with an embroidered PokeBall on the back
  • Denim pants

Some avatar items will also be on sale during Fashion Week, so if you’ve been eyeing something, now might be the best time to grab it.

Other Bonuses During Fashion Week in Pokemon GO November 2023

In addition to all of the fashionable featured Pokemon in their adorable costumes, trainers will get 2x candy for catching Pokemon during Fashion Week. Trainers level 31 and over will also have a higher chance of getting Candy XL from catches.

There will also be special PokeStop showcases featuring Gothita and Mareanie. Not to be upstaged, Dragonite will be the star of a special Collection Challenge, resulting in an encounter with Dragonite in its fancy new costume.

Players are also encouraged to wear their favorite fashionable avatar outfits during Party Play, but it doesn’t appear there are any other bonuses for that part of the game with this event.