Pokemon Go October 2023: Events, Raids, & Spotlight Hours

A new round of events and raids are appearing in Pokemon Go as we begin the October 2023 update, welcoming more Ghost-type Pokemon.

Image via the Pokémon Company

October 2023 will be a busy month for Pokemon Go players, and there are plenty of haunting Pokemon that are going to make their appearance during this spooky month. To celebrate it, a handful of themed events are happening, along with several notable raids, spotlight hours, and some Ghost-type Pokemon getting their shiny versions.

There’s a lot to keep track of for Pokemon Go players during October 2023. This guide covers everything happening in Pokemon Go’s October 2023 update, such as the events, raids, and all exclusive Spotlight Hours.

All Pokemon Go October 2023 Events & Update

The October 2023 update was announced on Pokemon Go’s Twitter. The team broke down everything happening throughout the month but did not go into full detail about every event. We’ll learn about many of them as they become available throughout October, and draw closer to Halloween.

All October 2023 Events in Pokemon Go

There are seven major events happening in Pokemon Go, with the first starting in late September, but continuing into the first week of October. You can expect to see these events while playing Pokemon Go in October 2023.

  • Out to Play – September 27 to October 2
  • Unannounced Event – October 5 to October 9
  • GO Battle Weekend – October 7 to October 8
  • Harvest Festival – October 12 to October 17
  • Community Day – October 15
  • Incense Day – October 21
  • Pokemon Go Halloween 2023 Part 1 – October 19 to October 26
  • Pokemon Go Halloween 2023 Part 22 + Team GO Rocket Takeover – October 26 to October 31

All October 2023 Raids & Mega Raids in Pokemon Go

There are several five-star and Mega Raids happening in October 2023. These raids will be available for a limited time in Pokemon Go, and you’ll want to participate in them as quickly as possible, gathering a suitable team and friends to help beat them.

  • Five-Star Raids
    • Raikou – September 23 to October 6
    • Entei – September 23 to October 6
    • Suicune – September 23 to October 6
    • Guzzlord – October 6 to October 20
    • Darkrai – October 20 to November 3
  • Mega Raids
    • Mega Gardevoir – September 16 to October 6
    • Mega Gengar – October 6 to October 20
    • Mega Banette – October 20 to November 3
    • Shadow Moltres – Throughout October

All October 2023 Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours

There are several Pokemon making special appearances during the Spotlight Hours. These take place every week on Tuesday from 6 PM to 7 PM in your local area. Each week, a new Pokemon will appear with special rewards. These are all of the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for October 2023.

  • Slowpoke on October 3, twice as much Candy for transferring Pokemon
  • Shroomish on October 10, twice as much XP For evolving Pokemon
  • Pumpkaboo on October 17, twice as much Stardust for catching Pokemon
  • Phantump on October 24, twice as much XP for catching Pokemon
  • Yamask on October 31, twice as much Candy for catching Pokemon