How Many Chapters Are in Pokemon Masters?


Pokemon Masters features an extensive cast of iconic trainers meeting up in the new, artificial region of Pasio. The island features a brand new Pokemon challenge with badges, and additional trainers eager to fight. Players are going to need to play through the story of the game, going through a series of chapters. How many chapters are in the game, and how long is it?

How Many Chapters Are in Pokemon Masters?

The chapters in Pokemon Masters are an excellent way for players to acquire some of the more basic items they’re going to need when they first start. Plenty of them have items to level your Sync Pairs, gems for first-time completions, and a handful of them include Sync Pairs for players to use moving forward. A lot of the times, the Sync Pairs are going to be required in the next chapter, making it an even more convenient reward.

There are a total of 18 chapters in the game, with two different points where there is an interlude. The first interlude shows up after the first ten chapters. The next interlude shows up after the next eight. The second interlude does not provide as many rewards as the first one does, so players should lower their expectations to the end of the game.

Each of the chapters contains a handful of dialogue scenes, a few battles, and some of them have a small exploration section.

After players complete their game, they should consider going back and returning to select missions to complete with a friend. Completing missions in Coop provide both parties with some great rewards they can use to expand their Sync Pairs. There are no player trainer battles in the game, so Coop is the only opportunity, with the current build of the game, that trainers can play with their friends.

Completing all of the chapters shouldn’t take too long for players. If they space them out, the chapters should wrap up after a few days. If a player were to power through them all, it might take them a couple of hours in a single sitting, but it may not prove as enjoyable of an experience. As you’re going through the game, make sure you reference how to level up, increase your Sync Pairs’ potential, and increase your Sync Pairs’ star power as you push forward to get stronger in Pokemon Masters.