Pokemon Masters – How To Beat Pryce


In Pokemon Masters, you will end up battling Pryce twice. The first fight should be pretty straightforward, but Pryce won’t give you the Badge you are looking for. Instead, he confesses to sandbagging you in the fight, and not fighting at his full power.

You will be told that something was missing from your team, so Pryce went easy on you. After going through the story a little more, your team will figure out the issue, and you will fight Pryce again.

Pokemon Masters – How To Beat Pryce

The recommended types to take on Pryce as Rock and Electric. You will want to bring Brock and Onix or another Rock-type, your own Trainer and Pikachu, and the third can be filler.

Level wise, you want to be in the mid-30s with all your Sync Pairs that you bring to the fight. Wipe out the other Trainers that are with Pryce as quickly as you can. Thunderbolt attacks from Pikachu should do a lot of damage, and if you are around level 36 or so will more than likely one-shot them.

After that, focus on Pryce and his Pokemon, but be warned because their Sync Move will do huge damage to all three of your team’s Pokemon. Every chance you get, use your Pikachu’s Sync Move because it will do the most damage, and other than that spam them down with Electrical attacks.

Pikachu should be your primary focus for heals, as without that Electric-type damage it will be tough to finish off Pryce.