Pokemon Masters: How To Get Blue


Pokemon Masters came out near the end of last week, and there’s been plenty of support for the new game as it brings in new mechanics, three vs. three battles, and Sync Pairs. Unlike other Pokemon games, this one does not feature any Pokemon for trainers to capture. Instead, they have to rely on Sync Pairs, which are famous pairings of iconic trainers with their ideal Pokemon partner. In a new event called Reach the Top, Blue, the main rival from Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, is now available. Here’s how you can go about acquiring Blue and his partner, Pidgeot.

How To Get Blue and Pidgeot in Pokemon Masters

Where To Get Blue

Much like any other Sync Pair in the game, trainers need to acquire this iconic trainer by grabbing him from the Sync Pair Scout second of the store. In short, it means players are going to have to try their luck in getting Blue by randomly obtaining him by using gems. While many may feel it’s a difficult or frustrating way to get the character, the developers behind Pokemon Masters littered gems throughout the entire game to make it easier for players to build up their roster.

Additionally, during the event, Reach the Top, players have an increased chance to pull Blue and his Pidgeot from the deck of 65 available Sync Pairs. Blue and Pidgeot are a five-star Sync Pair, so the increased chances do help, somewhat.

Take Part in the Reach the Top Event

A great way to collect gems right now is to complete missions, go through Pokemon Masters’ main story, and take part in the Reach the Top event. The event features a brief story where the player’s character runs into Blue and battling other trainers. When the story wraps up, there are a series of boss battles available for trainers to test their skills on using the team from the Reach the Top story.

For trainers who think they don’t have a strong enough line up to take part in the event, have no fear. Everyone gets the same team of Flannery and Torkoal, Blue and Pidgeot, and the player’s character and their Pikachu. All of the Sync Pairs level up throughout the event, ensuring players who have been playing for hours or those who just started can take part in the event — completing each of the Reach the Top stages awards players a series of gems, making it a great time to run through and use them at a chance to grab Blue.

To take part in the event, go the “Explore” tab on the lower part of the screen and hit the “Events” tab, below Pokemon Masters’ main story. The event started on Sept. 2 and is going to continue the entire month until the 29. Trainers have until the 29 to have an increased chance to add Blue, with another event likely happening in October when the game introduces a brand new trainer.

Pokemon Masters is available for free from the Google Play and Apple Store.