Pokemon Masters: List of Pokemon Who Can’t Evolve


Pokemon Masters works a little bit differently than traditional Pokemon games. For starters, it features a three vs. three battle system. Not only that, but players are going to be collecting Sync Pairs, which are pairings of iconic trainers with their ideal Pokemon choices. Because players are not capturing Pokemon in the wild, they can’t always evolve these choices. We have a list of all of the Pokemon you can get the game, but you cannot evolve.

Pokemon Who Can’t Evolve in Pokemon Masters

There are 65 Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters. Of the 65, 13 of them cannot evolve into their next form. Here’s the complete list of the Pokemon you shouldn’t set your sights on becoming anything other than what they are right now:

  • Brock and Onix
  • Blaine and Ponyta
  • Brawly and Makuhita
  • Brendan and Treeko
  • Clay and Palpitoad
  • Grant and Amaura
  • Lt. Surge and Voltorb
  • Maylene and Meditite
  • The Player’s Pikachu
  • Ramos and Weepinbell
  • Roark and Cranidos
  • Roxanne and Nosepass
  • Roxie and Whirlipede

While these Pokemon are unable to transform into their next form, they can still become stronger. You can do this by raising the Sync Pairs’ overall potential, and increasing their level cap. For those interested in learning how to transform the Pokemon who can evolve, we have a great guide you can follow to learn more. Additionally, a handful of Pokemon have the opportunity to Mega Evolve during combat, which we also have a guide created for you to learn about, over here.