Pokemon Masters – Reach For The Top Event Guide


The Pokemon Master Reach For The Top event will start today at 11 pm PST. You will be heading on an adventure with Blue and Pidgeot, so enjoy the chance to spend some time with one of the most famous trainers from the Kanto region.

A lot of the information in this guide is datamined but will be updated for accuracy as we work through the event.

How Long Is The Event?

The event will run from September 2 23:00 PDT to September 29 22:59 PDT.

Event Requirements

You will need to have cleared Chapter 5, and recruited Skyla, to have access to this event.

What Does Reach For The Top Consist Of?

There will be 11 Event Story Quests and 15 Event Missions. There will be some Voucher farming involved, and the only event quests that drop the Vouchers are the co-op quests.

  • Take Down Blue, Round 2 (Hard) will drop 13 Vouchers
  • Take Down Blue, Round 1 (Normal) will drop 11 Vouchers

You will also get some Vouchers from the Event Missions as well, but only the two quests above can be farmed for Vouchers.

Event Rewards

As we as the in-store items that can be exchanged for vouchers, the rewards list should be as follows:

  • Gems – 350
  • Voucher A – 500

You can also use Vouchers in the shop to exchange for the following items:

  • Replay Ticket – Voucher A x 100
  • 2 Star Level Up Manual – Voucher A x 50 (3 times)
  • 1 Star Level Up Manual – Voucher A x 30 (5 times)
  • 10,000 Coins – Voucher A x 10 (3 times)

Remember, you have plenty of time to finish this event, so if you have yet to beat Skyla, you have most of the month actually to complete the event. Best of luck, Trainers!