How To Reduce Pokemon Rumble Rush Drain On Your Battery

Pokemon Rumble Rush might only be out in Australia at the moment, but there are ways to play it if you live in other countries. One thing people have noticed is that the game can drain your battery pretty fast, especially if your phone is a little older and might not hold a charge all that well. In this guide we will run through some changes you can make to reduce the battery drain of Pokemon Rumble Rush.

How To Reduce Pokemon Rumble Rush Drain On Your Battery

Game Settings

There are three main changes you can make to reduce the processing power of Pokemon Rumble Rush, which will, in turn, reduce the drain on your battery. First things first, tap on Menu on the game’s main screen, then select Options, and then Game Settings. There are three different settings you can change in here that will reduce battery drain.

Resolution is the clarity of the image. Reducing it will mean the app needs less processing power. You can also reduce Imaging Speed, which is the games refresh rate, or FPS.

Finally, if you tap on the More button on the top right of the screen, you will see the Power Saving option. Setting this to on will reduce the graphical quality, but will also reduce the amount of battery the app needs to run.

It is best to experiment with different settings until you find a middle ground between how you want the game to look, and how much battery you can afford to have it drain. I hope making these changes helps you get a little more life out of your battery while playing Pokemon Rumble Rush!