Pokemon Rumble Rush Shiny Pokemon Guide


Pokemon Rumble Rush doesn’t have Shiny Pokemon in the traditional sense. You may be used to Shiny Pokemon in other games that have alternative color patterns. Those types of Pokemon are not currently in Pokemon Rumble Rush. Instead, you can encounter Sparkling Pokemon when you are playing through certain stages of the game.

What Are Sparkling Pokemon

A Sparkling Pokemon is a guaranteed catch if you kill it while playing the level. While all Pokemon have a chance to drop when you kill them, a Sparkling Pokemon is guaranteed to be added to your collection if you kill it.

They can appear randomly while playing through the level, but will always be tied to the Pokemon type that normally spawns on that level. So, if a level can spawn Gastly, Tentacool, and Ponyta, then you might get a Sparkling version of those Pokemon.

So, when you see a Sparkling Pokemon while you are playing, make sure you kill it because it will be an instant catch. Remember, there are no standard Shiny Pokemon in the game at the moment, but we will keep you updated if they get introduced.

Pokemon Rumble Rush recently had its global launch on Android, and you can download it and play for free from the Google Play Store.