My Time at Portia Stamina Guide | How to recharge SP


In My Time at Portia, Stamina is pretty much the main stat in the game that you will be using for everything. It is represented by an SP gauge in the bottom of the screen and slowly decreases as you perform actions.

If you want to dig, mine, fight, or cut down something, you are going to be using a fair chunk of your stamina bar to do it. Once the stamina bar is empty, you will need to replenish it or recharge it to do anything else. But how do you do that?

For starters, sleeping will always reset your Stamina gauge and fill it up. If you just started the game, however, and haven’t fixed your house, you will only recover a fraction of your SP gauge, so be sure to get 36 pieces of wood and fix your house before you try to sleep.

If you have any furniture like your Builder’s License which you get at the start of the game, some of the items can give you extra stamina points as well by hanging them in your house, so be sure to check out each item to see what stats it can give you.

You can also replenish stamina by eating food. Meat can be acquired from stores or monster drops. Eating it raw will only recover one stamina point but cooking it can recover a lot more. You can also craft yourself a fishing rod and fish for your supper, as the better fish you find, the more additional bonuses you can get.

Lastly, clothing is another way to get extra stamina points, as some other bonus attributes that you can use to do my tasks throughout the day.