PUBG Challenger Mode Battle Royale – Rules, gameplay, and more

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PUBG has introduced a new LABS mode titled Challenger Battle Royale. PUBG Labs is the developers’ experimental system to try out new game features and modes to see how well the community responds to them, for the potential of instilling them in the game regularly.

What is Challenger Battle Royale?

Challenger Battle Royale features the same classic PUBG we all know and love, except with a dark twist. There’s limited on-screen user interface (UI) to intensify immersion, along with upping the stealth experience within an eerie night setting. The compass, mini-map, ammo, kill feed, and alive player counter are all disabled, which means that you must heavily rely on your knowledge of the map, limited visibility, and audio to track down enemies, and ultimately survive. Luckily, a flare gun fires throughout the game, lighting up the sky and the map in a bright flash of red light. When the flare fires three times, the Blue Zone is closing in, which means you need to move towards the circle’s center. Challenger Battle Royale is currently only playable on Sanhok, the medium-sized lush jungle map.

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Game mode rules

  • The damage of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables are doubled, intensify gameplay.
  • The Blue Zone damage output, movement speed, and timing remain unchanged.
  • A single red flare signals the warning phase, which identifies the Safe Zone; occurs at the center of the new circle; does not light up the area; occurs when the new Blue Zone is determined and is visible until the Blue Zone starts to move.
  • Three consecutive red flares signal the Closing Phase; red flare lights up the surrounding area; occurs in the center of the safe zone; occurs when the Blue Zone starts to move; is visible until the Blue Zone stops, and the Flare is in the same position as the single warning phase flare.

UI Changes

  • No Player HUD; only the health bar is displayed.
  • No player counter, kill feed, kill counter.
  • “M” (default key binding) brings up the map, but the map does not show any sort of markings or the Blue Zone.
  • No ping messages/alerts.


  • Played in either First Person Perspective or Third Person Perspective.
  • Solo Mode only.
  • Played exclusively on the map Sanhok.
  • Bullet Tracers are enabled.
  • Up to 100 players per match.
  • Players have the normal amount of health.
  • Lighting and weather is dark/dusk.