PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass – Release date, time, and rewards

It will be an in-game update.

After the PUBG Mobile Season 15 ends on November 15, the RP section will be locked to get the servers ready for Season 16 update. With this new update, the players’ tiers will get reset according to their current tier at the end of Season 15. 

In addition to this, Season 16 Royale Pass will also get unlocked, and the players will be able to level up by completing RP missions and challenges. The Royale Pass will bring a bunch of exclusive stuff, including outfits, emotes, weapon skins, and more.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Release Date & Time

PUBG Mobile Season 16 will reportedly release on November 17, 2020, globally at 2 AM (UTC +0). Just like the previous seasons, there will be a free royale pass, an elite royale pass costing 600 UC, and an elite upgrade plus royale pass that will cost 1800 UC offering different rewards and perks.

Image via PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 16 Rewards

According to the details shared by YouTuber LuckyMan, Season 16 will add the following items to the game:


  • Night Terror Outfit
  • Draconian Champion Set
  • Le Tigre Suit

Headgear and Mask

  • Night Terror Headgear
  • Draconian Champion Hat

Weapon Skins

  • Metal Jungle – Scar-L
  • Season 16 – Thompson
  • Draconian Champion – M16A4
  • Draconian Champion – Machete
  • Outlawed Fantasy – UMP45
  • Winter Queen M249 V
  • Icicle – Mini14

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Vehicle Skins

  • Draconian Champion Finish

Other Rewards

  • Season 16 Combat Goggles
  • Draconian Champion Backpack
  • Draconian Champion Parachute