PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error explained

Tips to fix the Server Authentication Error in PUBG Mobile easily.

Encountering errors while playing a game can really bug the players, so it is important to know the reason behind the error to fix it. PUBG Mobile players sometimes face the error that reads ‘Server Authentication Error, Login Failed’ while logging into the game. It means that the device cannot connect to the servers, and there are several possible reasons for this error to show up. We’ve rounded up a list of reasons that might cause this error to occur and how to possibly fix them.

1: Server Issues

Sometimes, the in-game servers get crashed, or there is a problem in the backend that can stop you from entering the game. In this case, you will have to wait until the developers fix the issue. Today, PUBG Mobile players could not log in to the game via Facebook and were greeted with the error message “Server Authentication Error. Login Failed.” The developers acknowledge the issue via the game’s official Twitter handle and added that they’re working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

2: Bad Internet Connection

Since PUBG Mobile is an online game, having a stable internet connection is a must to play the game without any interruption. So make sure that the internet is working fine and is stable to avoid the Server Authentication error.

3: Incorrect date and time

The time and date in your device should be in sync with the game servers, so go to settings in your device to set the correct date and time according to the time zone and region you are playing in.