Question and Answer quest guide for Genshin Impact – correct answers to give Swan

Pop quiz, hotshot.

Genshin Impact

There are plenty of unusual small quests in Genshin Impact, and Question and Answer is certainly one of the more interesting ones. A Knight of Favonious called Swan wants to tests your knowledge about the order, as he feels an honorary member should have a basic grasp of what the order is all about.

He gives you a rather thick book to read, and you can either go through the whole thing or just use the cheat sheet we have prepared below. Personally we just feel that Swan is bored from hanging out at the gates all day, so don’t let him get one over on you by missing an answer.

  • What is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius? – “Stormterror’s Lair.”
  • According to knightly etiquette, what is the proper form of address to use when speaking to known individuals encountered within Mondstadt’s borders? – “Strange yet respectable traveler.”
  • As I’m sure you are completely aware, the affairs of the Knights of Favonius within the city walls are currently under the management of Ms. Jean. My question, then, is: What is Ms. Jean’s official title? – “Acting Grand Master.”
  • What is Lisa’s official title? – “Librarian.”
  • What is Amber’s official title? – “Outrider.”
  • What is Kaeya’s official title? – “Cavalry Captain.”

If you answer all the questions correctly you will receive some food, a recipe, 20000 Mora, and some Adventurer Rank. If you get any of them wrong, he will stop the quiz and you will only receive some of the prizes, depending on how many questions you answer correctly.