Rage 2: How to Unlock the Defibrillator

 Rage 2: How to Unlock the Defibrillator

The defibrillator is one of the most useful tools you can find in Rage 2, but you’re going to have to work to get it. It lies inside an Ark guarded by some pretty powerful enemies, and you’ll have to fight through difficult terrain to even get there, but once you snag it, it’ll give you a second chance at life whenever you fall in battle. This Ark has a difficulty rating of five, so make sure you’re well equipped before you even try this one.

Map screen showing Canyon Cove Ark

Once you think you’re ready, you can find the defibrillator in the Canyon Cove Ark in the southeast of Broken Tract region. When you arrive, you’ll find a group of Immortal Shrouded duking it out with a pack of Goon Squad soldiers. You’re probably used to fighting the Goon Squad by now, but you may not have as much experience with Immortal Shrouded. They’re heavily armored troops who use floating attack drones to flush you out of cover and do damage without putting themselves in danger. While the two groups are still fighting, you can hang back and pick off stragglers from a distance pretty safely. Try not to get between the two forces and you should be fine, but don’t let your guard down. Immortal Shrouded can turn themselves invisible and get the jump on you if you’re not careful.

When the coast is clear, make your way to the Ark and Focus to get in. You’ll be given the defibrillator and a short tutorial on how to use it. When your health falls to zero from now on, you won’t die right away. Instead, you’ll get a chance to bring yourself back with a short mini-game. You’ll see four circles arranged in a cross on your screen, and after a countdown, several buttons prompts will appear. You start with two but can upgrade the ability to a maximum of four buttons. A large circle will appear around each prompt and quickly shrink. When this second circle is inside the first circle, press the corresponding button. If you get at least one, you’ll revive. The more prompts you hit, the more health you’ll wake up with. The amount of health that each correct press grants can also be upgraded.

View of Canyon Cove Ark

After you finish the tutorial, step outside, and you’ll be greeted by another squad of Immortal Shrouded. Take them out (which should be easier, thanks to your new ability), and you’re free to go. If you want, grab the Devastator vehicle they leave behind and use it to cause some havoc.