How To Reset Nanotrites/Respec In Rage 2

Rage 2 allows you to upgrade your character using Nanotrites. Because our first few hours in any game can be spent trying to figure out how we want to play, and what abilities make the most impact, we might want to respec our character. Thankfully, there is a pretty easy way to do this in the game.

How To Reset Nanotrites/Respec In Rage 2

Doc Karl

The man you are looking for is Doc Karl; his shop will allow you to respec your character for the $500. Not a bad deal! You can find Doc Karl in Wellspring. You can find his shop just past the nightclub you have to visit just after you arrive in the settlement. Just keep on walking down the lane that the club is on, and you will come to Doc Karl’s place.

Now, Doc Karl isn’t just good for his ability to help you respec your character; you can also buy useful upgrades from him as well. You do need particular resources to get the upgrades, so don’t worry about these too early in the game.

When you respect your character, it will wipe out all your upgrades, but all the resources you spent on them shall be returned to you, so it is very easy to just build into different paths. The good thing about the respec option is that it allows you to fully upgrade an ability before deciding if it is something that you want to use a lot. With eight main abilities to upgrade and three attributes, it might take you a couple of builds before you settle on something that truly suits your playstyle.