All accessibility options in Rainbow Six Extraction

Includes several control, gameplay, audio and HUD options

Rainbow Six Extraction keyart

Image via Xbox

Accessibility in games has been at the forefront for development at Ubisoft for the past few years now. Every game the publisher/developer releases, from Rainbow Six Siege to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, has a plethora of accessibility options available for players to use. The same can be said about Rainbow Six Extraction, the cooperative first-person shooter launching for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia on September 16.

What are accessibility options in Rainbow Six Extraction?

The accessibility options in Rainbow Six Extraction are building off the options available in Rainbow Six Siege. Much of what you’ll see will be similar to the options in the 2015 competitive shooter including subtitles and user interface options. However, since Rainbow Six Extraction is a cooperative experience, the developers at Ubisoft can implement options they could not add in Rainbow Six Siege.

“We’re building on what Rainbow Six Siege had to offer,” said Louis Sarrazin, user experience director on Rainbow Six Extraction, in a post from Ubisoft. “The issue with accessibility options in competitive games is that making things clearer, or surfacing critical information more clearly, are examples of how players can gain a competitive advantage. In Rainbow Six Extraction, we don’t have that issue, so we can go beyond Siege.”

Essentially, since Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t tied to a competitive scene, Ubisoft has the freedom to add plenty of options to make the gameplay experience smoother for anyone who wants to take on the alien threat. This includes colorblind options, custom HUD colors, subtitle text size and color, subtitle background opacity, and visual pointers for sound effects.

Full list of Rainbow Six Extraction accessibility options

Here is the full list of accessibility options available for Rainbow Six Extraction:


  • Vibration: Ability to toggle vibration feedback on gamepad. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Remap keys and controls: Gamepad and Mouse and Keyboard gameplay inputs can be remapped (console and PC). All gameplay inputs can be swapped from one face button to another. (Motor, Cognitive)
  • Sensitivity: Game offers the option to change the sensitivity of sticks’ axis, mouse, and camera. (Motor, Cognitive)


  • Aiming assists: Aim assist is available in-game with difficulty settings for various situations (levels: normal, hard, realistic). (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Customize crosshair: Ability to customize color and opacity of crosshairs. (Cognitive, Vision)
  • Cutscene/Tutorial Replays: Players can replay tutorials and cutscenes. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision, Hearing)

HUD and UI

  • Menu Narration: Accessibility wizard is presented to all players on first boot, with the narrator option set to On. The wizard can be re-accessed anytime throughout the pause menu. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Rearrange game interface: Partial ability to rearrange game interface and remove HUD elements. (Motor, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Audio/Visual cues: Players can enable visual pointers for sound effects (Hearing, Cognitive), and players can speak through the voice chat without pressing buttons (Hearing, Cognitive)
  • Voice communication: Player’s mic may be heard or not. Push to talk: players must press a button to be heard (Hearing, Cognitive)
  • Voice chat volume: Volume of co-op partner’s mic (Hearing, Cognitive), Ability to configure levels for effects, speech and background/music noises (Hearing, Cognitive)
  • Speech to Text: Player can speak and their words will be transcribed into the text chat (Hearing, Cognitive)
  • Text to Speech: Text chat can be read aloud to the player (Hearing, Cognitive)
  • Subtitles: Player can enable and customize subtitle size, background color, and background opacity. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)
  • Subtitle Speaker Identification: Ability to enable speaker identification for subtitles. (Hearing, Cognitive, Vision)


  • Colorblind mode: Partial colorblind mode. HUD colors, sights colors can be customized. (Cognitive, Vision)
  • Contrast: Color contrast can be set in-game. (Cognitive, Vision)
  • Ability to change the Field of View. (Cognitive, Vision)