How to Craft Legendary Items in Realm Royale

Realm Royale, a spin-off of Hi-Rez’s Paladins team-based shooter, is a welcome addition to the battle royale genre. The game features class-based combat in sprawling 100-player battles taking place on a gigantic map subject to the movement of a threatening fog (like The Storm Eye in Fortnite).

If you’re skeptical, don’t worry—Realm Royale isn’t just another cash-in copycat battle royale. Instead, it offers some new and fresh takes on the genre’s familiar gameplay. You can learn more about what makes Realm Royale stand out and get great tips in our beginner’s guide.

At the start of each match, you have the freedom to choose where you wish to land. There aren’t any fancy gliders helping you along the way, but you’ll generally have no problem choosing your desired landing site. Once you’re ready to speed down to the battle (or loot), you can hold down the W key to increase the velocity of your descent. Since you can control where you wish to land, it’s generally best to aim towards buildings, as they can contain chests filled with weapons and armor. Your class will start out with neither, so it’s best to seek out these chests early on to ensure you’re not showing up to a fight empty-handed. You can learn more about all of the weapons available in Realm Royale by checking out this guide.

The best weapons and armor you can obtain in Realm Royale are created in its crafting system, which focuses on obtaining and using the game’s main reagent, Shards. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining Shards in Realm Royale and how to use the Forge to create the most powerful, Legendary rarity weapons.

How to get Shards in Realm Royale

There are two primary methods of obtaining Shards in Realm Royale. The first is to Disenchant any loot you come across that you won’t be using. After opening a chest, you can hover over the drops and see each item’s rarity and item details. If an item is an upgrade, you can press E then the corresponding slot number to automatically equip the item. If it’s not, you can press X to Disenchant the item, turning it into Shards for use in crafting.

The second method of obtaining Shards is to kill enemy players! This is obviously a more dangerous route to take, but it is a battle royale game, after all. You’ll receive Shards upon successfully defeating an enemy player, along with the opportunity to take any of their loot that you fancy (or Disenchant it, for even more shardy goodness).

How to locate and use the Forge

You can hold only 200 Shards at any given time, so if you’re nearing that cap, or just want to get some sweet items, it’s time to head over to a Forge! You can locate a nearby Forge by looking for the yellow anvil on the minimap. The Forge is a priority destination for its unique ability to facilitate the crafting of Legendary quality items. You can craft both Legendary basic weapons and Legendary class-specific weapons at the Forge. There are even craftable, Legendary quality skills for each player class to equip.

Crafting Legendary weapons, armor and items at the Forge

Once you’ve successfully reached the Forge, you can open the Forge menu with E and make your crafting selection. While your item is crafting, a visible timer will appear and you’re stuck waiting around and hoping nobody notices you—or you’re in for a fight. Realm Royale goes out of its way to ensure the latter result, as the Forge will make a substantial amount of noise and plume smoke whenever it is in use. This can notify nearby players of your presence (and the delicious loot the Forge will soon deliver), so be ready! You can craft the following items at the Forge:

Health Potion (x3): Rare quality. Heals 400 Health. Requires 30 Shards and 30 seconds crafting time.

Armor Potion (x3): Rare quality. Repairs 400 Armor. Requires 30 Shards and 30 seconds crafting time.

Armor: Legendary quality. Craft a random Legendary armor piece. Requires 60 Shards and 60 seconds crafting time.

Class Ability: Legendary quality. Craft a random Legendary ability. Requires 90 Shards and 60 seconds crafting time.

Basic Weapon: Legendary quality. Craft a random Legendary weapon. Requires 120 Shards, 1 Chicken Trophy and 60 seconds crafting time.

Class Weapon: Legendary quality. Craft a random Legendary weapon. Requires 200 Shards, 2 Chicken Trophy and 60 seconds crafting time.

It’s worth noting that crafting is the only way to obtain Legendary quality armor and abilities. Crafting Armor or Class Ability will award a random Legendary quality armor piece or skill for your class. Legendary weapons can also be obtained from Gold Chests, which are occasionally dropped from the Zeppelin and can be seen on the minimap. You’ll also see orange beams pointing to the sky above the chest. Secure the chest and its loot for a chance at obtaining your class-specific Legendary weapon!

Whereas Legendary basic weapons have just increased damage, Legendary armor also features piece-specific passive bonuses:

Breastplate (Legendary): +350 Armor, +15 Healing per second.

Gauntlets (Legendary): +350 Armor, +30% Swap Speed, +30% Reload Speed.

Greaves (Legendary): +350 Armor, +15% Mount Speed.

Helm (Legendary): +350 Armor, +50% Headshot Protection.

To obtain the Chicken Trophies required for crafting Legendary weapons, you must first down an enemy player, which causes them to turn into a defenseless chicken for 30 seconds. If you fail to defeat the chicken, the player will successfully respawn. Simply blow the chicken to bits before its thirty seconds are up and it will drop the Trophy for you to loot. Good luck!