Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter Kits

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As you work your way through your specific chosen role in Red Dead Online, each time that you reach a new rank you’ll receive two unlock tokens. You can use these tokens, in conjunction with all the money you’ve made bringing outlaws to justice, trading in dead animals, or digging up treasure, to purchase items that are specific to your class.

There are four kits in total, starting with Novice and ending with Distinguished, but I will warn you now, like everything else in Red Dead Online none of these items are cheap. Some of them are jaw-droppingly expensive considering what they are, but if you want to look your best while running down villains, then you’re going to have to part with the cash to do so.

Here’s everything that you can buy and just how much each item costs.

Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter Kits

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter

Novice Kit

  • Guerrero Gun Belt: $125.00
  • Viper Belt: 4 Gold
  • Schofield Revolver Variant: $600.00
  • Two Breton Horses: $150.00
  • The Wakeeny Outfit: $250.00
  • Delgado Saddle: $525.00
  • Reinforced Lasso: $350.00

Promising Kit

  • Blackbone Ring: 5 Gold
  • Tracking Arrow Pamphlet: $500.00
  • Bolt Action Rifle Variant: $350.00
  • Bounty Hunter Camp Theme: $700.00
  • The Bullard Outfit: $348.25

Established Kit

  • Bolas: $30.00
  • Bounty Wagon: $875.00
  • Two Breton Horses: $550.00
  • Bullseye Gloves: 6 Gold
  • The Garwood Outfit: $446.75
  • Undercut Layers Hairstyle: 2 Gold
  • Guerrero Off-Hand Holster: $93.75

Distinguished Kit

  • The Carthage Outfit: $545.00
  • “I’m Watching You” Emote: $200.00
  • Two Breton Horses: $950.00
  • Redheart Eyepatch: 10 Gold