Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: Owen Colt

Here’s how you can capture one of the thieves of Van Horn.

Image via Rockstar

There’s only room in the west for so many thieves, so when there’s an opportunity to get one out of the picture, you better take it. One such thief is Owen Colt, who’s been robbing people and homesteads around Van Horn. Those activities have earned him an infamous bounty poster. Here’s how you can track down the thief and bring him in for a decent reward.

Pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license

While it’s not strictly robbery, it kind of feels like it. You’ll have to shell out some extra dough to Rockstar before you get to actually tackle the bounty for Owen Colt, or any other infamous bounty, for that matter. For 15 gold bars, you can pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license, which gives you access to 10 additional ranks in the bounty hunter role, as well as access to every infamous bounty and a few new legendary ones to boot. To buy it, simply head to your nearest bounty board and follow the appropriate prompts.

Track down Owen Colt

red dead online Owen Colt
Screenshot via Gamepur

Upon taking the bounty for Owen Colt in Van Horn, you’ll be directed towards his last known location. The path will lead you to an empty house on the outskirts of town. There won’t be any enemies waiting there, but you’ll have to find out where Colt went. Inside one of the bedrooms in the house is a map, investigate it, and you’ll have a path straight to Colt’s camp.

Capture Owen Colt

Red dead online infamous bounties owen colt
Screenshot via Gamepur

After following the trail given to you by the map, you’ll come across a small camp being ransacked by Colt and some other thieves. While it seems like you’ll be able to capture Colt here stealthily, don’t be fooled. He’ll almost always catch you when you’re trying to sneak up on him and alert the rest of his posse. It’s much simpler to just go in guns blazing. Take out the thieves at the camp, then hogtie Colt.

Once you have him tied down, get ready for a firefight. After alerting the thieves, other baddies will start to pour out of the woods surrounding the camp. Keep your head on a swivel, and don’t stay in one place too long, or else you’ll get flanked.

Once all the enemies are dealt with, load Colt up on your horse. It’s a short ride from the camp he was raiding to the prison wagon you have to deliver him to. If you want some extra brownie points (that don’t really earn you anything), you can also free the campers hogtied at the camp.