Red Dead Online: Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club

Red Dead Online

The Red Dead Online Summer Update was huge and has surely changed the landscape of Rockstar’s Wild West experience. It’s brought a whole host of changes including specific roles, far more things to do, and has just made the entire game a much better place to spend your time pretending you’re Clint Eastwood.

One of the more exciting things to come along with the 11 GB download is The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club. These are the folks who you buy everything off of, they’re the catalog in your pocket, and they have now decided to give you free stuff just for logging back into Red Dead Online and after all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye as they also offer something called The Outlaw Pass. Now, at 35 Gold it isn’t cheap but is it worth it? I mean, if you have it then why not as you make the whole 35 Gold back due to rewards scattered across all 70 levels for you to max out at but what else do you get?

In this, the first of two guides, I shall be breaking down everything that’s on offer to those of you who don’t feel like coughing up the gold you need for The Outlaw Pass and focus on what you can get for free from here through November 18th.

Red Dead Online

Free Club

Level 1:

  • Ammo Parcel

Level 2:

  • Frontiersman Pants And Belt

Level 4:

  • New Leather Styles For Your Guns

Level 7:

  • $50 Reward

Level 10:

  • Provisions Parcel

Level 12:

  • Easy Rider Walking Style

Level 14:

  • Scheme Emote

Level 18:

  • Steel Spectacles

Level 22:

  • Ammo Parcel

Level 26:

  • Nosalida Shirt And Neckerchief

Level 30:

  • Morgan Camp Flag

Level 36:

  • Ammo Parcel

Level 41:

  • $50 Reward

Level 46:

  • Ammo Parcel

Level 53:

  • Veteran Out For Cripps

Level 65

  • Goldwing Spurs