Red Hot Iron – Destiny 2 Iron Banner quest guide

Let the wolves howl.

Destiny 2

Lord Saladin has returned to Destiny 2, bringing another week of Iron Banner with him. Iron Banner exists in a middle ground between the standard PvP activities and the upper tier of Trails of Osiris. You can get into some games, finish some pretty easy bounties, and get some nice loot. 

You can also work on the Red Hot Iron quest, a multi-step quest that challenges you to achieve various feats in the Iron Banner. Each season has a new Iron Banner quest, and they usually center around killing enemies with different weapons, we assume to show Lord Saladin that you have gained mastery over the full arsenal that is available to Guardians.

You can launch Iron Banner from the Crucible screen in the Director. During the event, there is a new glyph, right in the middle at the bottom of the screen.

PSA: Some players are reporting issues with the quest and Iron Banner bounties recording progress.

Step 1 – Old Reliables


For the first step, you will need to score kills with Sidearms and Auto Rifles.

  • Sidearm kills – 25
  • Auto Rifle kills – 25

Precision kills will grant the most progress in this quest. If you are looking for some recommendations for weapons, the Gnawing Hunger is a pretty hot Auto Rifle right now, and you can get it from the Dredgen Umbral Engrams at the Drifter’s room. The Breachlight is a solid option for a Sidearm. The Rat King also seems to be popping up a lot in Iron Banner right now, so the crowd seems to be voting strong in its favor.

Rewards: The rewards for this step are The Forward Path Auto Rifle and the Fool’s Remedy Sidearm. You will also get five Iron Vendetta shaders.

So, in somewhat surprising news, it seems that this is the only step in this quest. I am unsure if something is bugged for me, or if it will get additional steps at future Iron Banner events, but this appears to be it for now.