Remnant 2: How to Find Dria – Lost Wife Location

A Dran lost his wife in Remnant 2 named Dria, and this guide shows you how to find her and her exact location.

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Remnant 2 has you visiting multiple biomes that are vastly unique from one another. Not only are the environments and enemies different, but so are the stories and quests you can do within them. While investigating Losomn and searching through Harvester’s Reach, you’ll meet a man looking for his lost wife, Dria.

The man says he was trying to escape a beast, and while he could, his wife could not. She’s somewhere in the Harvester’s Reach area, and you’ll need to track her down and try to bring her home if you can. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Dria in Remnant 2, and we cover the location of the lost wife.

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Where to Find Dria in Remnant 2

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For this quest, make sure you are in the Harvester’s Reach. This is one of the regions you’ll need to find in Losomn, and there’s a chance you might not have this area in your Remnant 2 game. However, if you do, tracking down the man crying close to the entrance won’t take long. Speak with him, and he’ll tell you how he lost his wife and is begging for her to return to him. Unfortunately, that outcome is extremely unlikely, but you’ll still want to try finding her.

You’ll need to navigate the Harvester’s Reach to try locating Dria in your Remnant 2 playthrough. The core detail to finding her is looking for large bone piles with strange, jellyfish-like creatures sitting on them. Shoot the jellyfish creatures off the bone piles, and a large, rat-like monster will appear, similar to the one that pulls you through the sewers, when you want to unlock the Alchemist Archetype.

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For my game, I had to make my way through the Harvester’s Reach, taking a left from the entrance, and then I took a right and making my way down. This might be different for your Remnant 2 game, but these might be distinct locations because it is a quest item. When I arrived, I had to shoot the green jellyfish blobs off from the bone pile and out popped the rat-like creatures, but this was a particular enemy called Barghest the Vile.

You will have to battle against this creature and defeat it. Upon beating it, the creature will drop a quest item called Dria’s Anklet, the only thing left of Dria. You have the option to return to the man at the entrance of the sewers, who will, in exchange, give you an item called the Ring of Grace.