Remnant: From the Ashes – How To Get the Hunter Pistol

There are several hidden secrets scattered throughout Remnants: From the Ashes. Players are going to have to go out of their way to locate all of the available items and traits they can equip to their character, giving them the best chance at conquering the end of the game. A notable pistol that players are on the hunt for is the Hunter Pistol. It’s a precise weapon that is likely going to couple with a quick-firing, high-magazine main gun. Here are the details you need to know to add this weapon to your collection.

How to Find the Hunter Pistol in Remnant: From the Ashes

Where is it?

Unfortunately, locating the weapon is no easy task. There’s not a set location the item can drop. Because all of the items, dungeons, and enemies are based off a player’s world seed, everyone is going to have a different experience with the game. However, there is one notable similarity among the games: how the dungeon works.

Players are going to know they’re in the correct dungeon when they approach a dying hunter at the start of it. They should be laying down next to the red stone. Speak to them, and because they’re nearing death, they feel the need to give you a parting gift before they leave this world. They hand players a key, which they’re going to need at the end of the dungeon.

Completing the Dungeon

With the key in hand, players need to go to the end of the dungeon and complete it. There’s nothing too special about the location, except for the traps laced throughout the entire complex. You’re going to need to avoid them or shoot them before you get too close and cause them to explode. They should be these little, red jars on the ground. If you notice them early enough, you might be able to lure an enemy in your direction, causing them to set it off and likely dying.

When you’re at the end of the dungeon, you’re going to reach Hunter’s hideout. Use the key they gave you to open the door. Don’t get too eager, though. There are several traps at the entrance. Take these out, search the area real quick to make sure those were all of the traps, and then head inside. You should find the Hunter Pistol at the back of the hideout, inside of the locker.