Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Get The Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is an excellent weapon in Remnant: From The Ashes. The weapon’s accuracy and rate of fire make it an ideal option to deal with multiple enemies at medium range. You can also use it at long ranges using the weapon’s tap fire, allowing you to pick off enemies from a distance.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Get The Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle Dungeon Map

To find the Assault Rifle, you need to have saved the Root Mother from the church, which is part of the storyline. If you haven’t reached this yet, continue playing until you do. After you do, head to the golden portal through the broken wall of the church.

Once you move through the portal, use the checkpoint to get back all your health and ammo. The dungeon you want should be in this area, but the entry point varies. Remnant works off-world seeds, so it may not be the same location as in my game. The dungeon you want has a ramp down to a broken wall at the start, and the area has water everywhere, and strange plants.

Monkey Key Location Supply Run

When you get inside, there are exploding enemies and fat ones with daggers. From time to time, more dangerous threats do spawn but make your way slowly through the dungeon. There’s a branching path, but both roads lead to the same place.

On the map above, you can see the layout of the dungeon. The white player marker is at the start, while the other checkpoint on the right side indicates the end. The red rectangle marks the location of an item you need to get if you want the Assault Rifle. You’re going to find the Monkey Key at this location. When you acquire the key, go down to the room behind the checkpoint on the right side of your map. You need to use the Monkey Key to open the door. Go inside and pick up everything in the room, including the Assault Rifle.

When you have the Assault Rifle, you can use the checkpoint to move to another area, or head back to Ward 13. Be sure to grab plenty of Iron to upgrade the Assault Rifle to +5, although it should drop at +3, so it won’t take much to get there.